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Teleconverters Teleconverters are magical devices that multiply the magnification of your lenses by 1.4X, 1.7X, 2X, or 3X, but at a price. Fit between your prime or zoom lens and ...
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8 Making Light Work for You While this chapter provides an introduction to using continuous lighting (such as daylight, incandescent, or fluorescent sources), it’s useful to first consider how that ...
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PHOTOGRAPHING YELLOWSTONE IN AUTUMN AND WINTER Yellowstone offers some unique scenic possibilities in autumn and winter. Autumn brings a wide range of temperatures and changing weather conditions. Significant snowstorms can ...
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USAGE AND VALUE In its simplest form, usage can be divided into four basic categories: limited, unlimited, exclusive, and nonexclusive. The categories can be put into real-world terms easily by ...
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Don’t forget to turn around. The image above was behind me when I was taking the previous silhouette of Cathedral Rock. It turned out to be an extremely productive evening. ...
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Canon offers a broad range of accessory electronic flash units for the EOS R. They can be mounted to the flash accessory shoe, or used off-camera with a dedicated cord ...
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Crop the image Define the area with the crop tool and crop the image to close in on the subject. Change the photograph’s dimensions or the juxtaposition of the motif. ...
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CHAPTER 13 UNDERSTAND THE CAMERA An analog camera without automatic functions only has three setting options: exposure time, aperture and distance setting. Exposure time and aperture must be set to ...
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6 The Perfect Exposure Today’s digital cameras are basically computers with lenses attached. After spending all that money on the latest gee-whiz electronic gadget, you may be thinking, “Why do ...
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CONTINUOUS FLUORESCENT One of my favorite recent discoveries is the use of fluorescent lights; I use Westcott’s Spiderlites. If you like making portraits by window light, you’ll love these—they’re just ...
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1 Process pancetta in food processor until ground to paste, about 30 seconds, scraping down sides of bowl as needed. Add carrot, celery, and garlic and pulse until finely chopped, ...
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Fig. 5.38, 5.39 A view of The Ruined Abbey grotto at Painshill Park in Surrey, UK, shot with an 850nm IR filter. The second image had a Gaussian blur applied ...
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