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3: LIGHTING I decided to use the natural light coming through the window. This kind of lateral lighting creates nice contrasts and remains soft, so it is perfect for complex ...
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2.Check the Enable Black & White option in the Black & White tool to display your image with desaturated colors. 3.Begin by adding filters. For this example, use the Color ...
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On1 Perfect B&W In recent years, Oregon-based On1 Software has put a great deal of its effort into creating an alternative RAW conversion platform. The idea here is that if ...
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The JPEG format has a Quality slider, which controls the amount of compression applied to the photo. The resulting file sizes vary depending on the content of the photo, and ...
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In essence, layer masks are a type of alpha channel, but applied to a layer rather than saved as a new channel. That brings us to the next tool in ...
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Figure 15–1 Sign The first example (figure 15–1 and figure 15–2) shows a cloud front moving above an arid landscape that gives the image a magical effect. Two marked streaks ...
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The wall was very conveniently made of concrete sections, stepping slightly back at each level and making for a good foothold. I was able to climb inside the bridge and ...
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Feeling confident when being photographed takes time and practice. Don’t shy away from photographing your outfits if you want to. CAPTURE YOUR HOBBIES AND INTERESTS We know what you’re thinking: ...
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