A Key to the Louvre by Michel Laclotte

A Key to the Louvre by Michel Laclotte

Author:Michel Laclotte [Laclotte, Michel]
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9780789260079
Publisher: Abbeville Press
Published: 2011-09-20T00:00:00+00:00

Imparting one’s interest—and even better, one’s vocation—is a joy for any teacher. A certain number of our students (generally speaking, the ones who had left the university some time before and had decided to go back to school), wrote publishable theses on painters of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, having traveled to do their research, met with specialists, and so on. Federico Zeri always welcomed my students and generously shared information, photos, and pointers with them.16

In addition to teaching, I was also asked to edit several collective publications, notably the dictionary of painting that I assembled for Larousse. I agreed to head the project in 1965, before starting in the Paintings Department; I’m not sure I would have taken on such a huge task after my appointment, but I don’t regret it. Our job was to establish as complete a dictionary as possible, in the Larousse tradition. And so I decided to set our focus very wide, to include contemporary painting and anything having to do with two-dimensional creation in color—stained-glass windows, enamels, tapestries, as well as (and this is less common) technical terms and matters concerning the history of taste, such as collectors, art historians, critics, dealers, and museums. The complete dictionary, the Petit Larousse de la peinture, in two compact volumes, was published only in 1979, after a more selective Larousse des grands peintres.


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