Wine by Jane Parkinson

Wine by Jane Parkinson

Author:Jane Parkinson
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Ryland Peters & Small
Published: 2019-01-16T16:00:00+00:00


Say it: vee-on-ee-yay


pungent • juicy • exotic • creamy • perfumed • luscious


floral • spicy


apricot • caramel • dried fruit • honey mango • peach • pineapple • vanilla

A red grape masquerading as a white grape: that’s how I once heard Viognier described. What a brilliant description. Viognier has attitude and oomph, and guts and texture, and it likes being blended into red wines. It’s a red grape in all but colour.

I have a soft spot for Viognier because its flavour is very distinguishable. It’s all about the peachy fruit, and when it’s really good, beneath this luscious fruit there’ll be extra layers of flavour: apricot, vanilla, honey and almond. Viognier isn’t just used to make a fruity white wine either. It’s also hugely important for pepping up the aroma and freshness in wines made from the red Syrah grape in the Rhône Valley. But that’s not exclusive to France — you can find producers doing this in Australia, South Africa and the USA, too. Viognier is so pungent, you don’t even need a large amount added into a red wine to make itself known; even the slightest of Viognier drops are noticeable when blended with Syrah/Shiraz. Viognier is also happy being blended with white grapes, and especially with other white grapes grown in the Rhône Valley, like Marsanne and Roussanne. Since around the millennium, Viognier has enjoyed a new lease of life, thanks to producers in Australia and California too, because before then, it only existed in very small quantities in France.


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