War Torn (Too Old To Die Book 3) by John Walker

War Torn (Too Old To Die Book 3) by John Walker

Author:John Walker [Walker, John]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2022-06-22T16:00:00+00:00


Lyra stopped Chelsea before she could open the next door. Two blips entered the room they were about to step into—a couple human targets. The HUD provided far more information than she expected, including the standard issued military rifles, sidearms, and basic armor. With no helmets.

“I’ve got this,” Lyra said. She tapped the panel, bringing up the menu. Drilling through the security menu gave her access to control the door incrementally. Chelsea stood beside her, looking over her shoulder.

“How’d you gain access to that?”

“They don’t have it locked down,” Lyra replied. “Probably because no one was supposed to be here.” She let the door slide open a few inches. “You’d think the alarm would’ve brought them back to the computer to… oh wait. Dumbasses don’t have any real power. Just the emergency stuff.”

“You’re lucky the door has any energy or we’d be shoving it open.” Chelsea tilted her head. “What now?”

“This.” Lyra popped one of the shock grenades from her belt and tossed it in. She poised her hand over the panel, waiting for the boom. When it went off, a couple men started screaming. “Now!” She let the door open all the way.

Chelsea led the way, opening fire. Lyra kept to her back, branching off to the left to provide cover on that side. Two bodies reclined on the floor. Their heads smoldered from the initial assault.

“Damn…” Lyra checked them over. “They’re done. And it looks like they really are embassy guards.”

“What did you think they were?”

“Criminals.” Lyra shrugged. “Squatters. I don’t know. I kind of hoped the people meant to be here wouldn’t attack fellow humans. But this begs the question about who they are working for. Surely, not the Veldon? I mean, those things don’t bother to win anyone over. They just kill everybody.”

“Incoming.” Chelsea hustled to the opposite door. She crouched, opening fire into the hallway.

Lyra joined her on the opposite side. The men left it open when they entered before. Now a good number of them came hurrying toward their destination. Likely because they heard the boom, the screams. So they aren’t total animals. They care about their friends at least. In so far as they can’t afford to lose any people, I’d guess.

Two blips dropped off the HUD. Three more remained. They seemed to take cover in rooms just outside, leaning out to take shots. Another blip came closer from the opposite direction, moving up on where they’d come from. This one was a Veldon, made evident by the size of the dot and the strange readings.

Even our high tech nonsense can’t identify their weapons. Or their defensive capabilities. Great. “You see that?” Lyra asked. “Because I’m not really excited to go at the thing while in this room. It won’t be pretty.” Normal Veldon gear tends to be freakin’ nasty. And this stuff has no known origin.

“Yeah,” Chelsea replied. She continued firing down the hall. “But we can’t exactly charge… oh. They’re probably trying to keep us here until their friend takes his position.


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