The Testaments by Margaret Atwood

The Testaments by Margaret Atwood

Author:Margaret Atwood [Atwood, Margaret]
Language: eng
Format: epub, mobi, azw3, pdf
Tags: Science Fiction, Feminism
ISBN: 9781473554436
Goodreads: 42975172
Publisher: Random House
Published: 2019-09-09T22:00:00+00:00

The other part of their training plan was the praying. Ada tried to teach me that. She was quite good at it, I thought. But I was hopeless.

“How do you know this?” I asked her.

“Where I grew up, everyone knew this,” she said.


“In Gilead. Before it was Gilead,” she said. “I saw it coming and got out in time. A lot of people I knew didn’t.”

“So that’s why you work with Mayday?” I said. “It’s personal?”

“Everything’s personal, when you come right down to it,” she said.

“How about Elijah?” I asked. “Was it personal for him too?”

“He taught in a law school,” she said. “He was on a list. Someone tipped him off. He made it over the border with nothing but his clothes. Now let’s try this again. Heavenly Father, forgive my sins, and bless … please stop giggling.”

“Sorry. Neil always said God was an imaginary friend, and you might as well believe in the fucking Tooth Fairy. Except he didn’t say fucking.”

“You need to take this seriously,” said Ada, “because Gilead sure does. And another thing: drop the swearing.”

“I don’t swear hardly at all,” I said.


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