Dark Space: The Second Trilogy (Books 4-6) (Dark Space Trilogies Book 2) by Jasper T. Scott

Dark Space: The Second Trilogy (Books 4-6) (Dark Space Trilogies Book 2) by Jasper T. Scott

Author:Jasper T. Scott [Scott, Jasper T.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Amazon
Publisher: Anthem Press
Published: 2017-03-12T07:00:00+00:00

“Torv … What is this?” Destra gaped at the bodies strewn across the deck.

He spoke to her, but again, all she heard was alien hissing. Reaching up to her ear, she found it as naked as the rest of her, and she shivered, noticing how cold it was in the stasis room.

“Give me a second,” she said, and hurried over to the lockers. Her translator would be there with her clothes. She kept half an eye on the Gor as she went, half-expecting him to attack her at any moment. What had he done? She hoped it was some big misunderstanding.

Destra reached the locker with her stasis tube’s number on it, and opened it. She pulled out a neat stack of her clothes and personal items. The first thing she did was fit the combination translator and comm piece into her ear; then she began hurriedly getting dressed.

While she was still getting dressed, Torv stalked up to her. Destra’s heart pounded in her chest, even though she knew that the Gor would have eaten her already if that had been his intention.

“Torv, please explain this,” she tried again.

More hissing. This time it was accompanied by a translation. “I tell you already, my Matriarch. We are forced to take control of this vessel.”

“You killed them?!”

“They sleep.”

Destra shook her head. “You turned on us.”

“We have no choice, Matriarch. Your people refuse to honor you as they should. Their disrespect is a dishonor to their creche and all who belong to it.”

“What did you do to them?”

“We steal weapons and use the sleep setting. Now they sleep.”

“You stunned the entire crew?”

Torv heaved his mighty shoulders. “All who resist. Others choose not to. We watch them while we wait for you to take command.”

“What about the captain?”

“He kills several Gors who try to reason with him. I take his life myself. He can no longer disrespect you, creche mother.”

Destra swallowed hard and nodded. “What is our position in space?”

“We are no longer in the light stream. My creche mates arrive soon.”

Destra spared a glance for her daughter, still trapped in a stasis tube, the glass frosted so that she could only make out a hint of Atta’s face. All the other stasis tubes in the room were likewise occupied. The Gors had timed their coup well, waiting until the majority of the crew was already asleep.

“We need to get to the bridge, Torv,” Destra said. Waking Atta would have to wait for a more convenient moment.

“Lead us, my Matriarch. I make sure no harm comes to you.”

Destra took off at a run, dodging the fallen bodies of stunned corpsmen, medics, and sentinels on her way to the exit. She grimaced as she accidentally stepped on one man’s leg. He didn’t even stir. Passing her wrist over the door scanner, she ran out and down the corridor. Glancing over her shoulder, she was just in time to see Torv cloaking himself. She grimaced and looked away, feeling her skin prickle with unease.

The Gors had seen


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