Untraceable Evidence by Sharee Stover

Untraceable Evidence by Sharee Stover

Author:Sharee Stover
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Harlequin
Published: 2020-02-06T16:33:24+00:00


A fresh concoction of complicated emotions—bitterness, anger, curiosity and embarrassment—rose in Ace’s chest. Who was Miranda Jareau?

His curiosity overrode his anger, which meant he’d have to be nicer, and that came dangerously close to vulnerable. He also yearned to get to know her, except for his indignation at her continued deception.

However, they were stuck together, at least until they trudged their way back to...he wasn’t even sure where they’d go. But one thing he knew, as soon as possible, he’d rid himself of the beautiful petite brunette with mad fighting skills.

Ace sighed. Randee was protecting him. Scratch that, it was her job to protect Ghost, the pet project and very bane of his existence.

What had Fritz thought when the fireworks ended? Had he noticed Randee and Ace were missing? Should he call? Would that endanger Fritz, or send Malte’s men descending on him and Randee again? Fritz was the only family Ace had anymore. For all his pomp and circumstance, Fritz was nothing more than a scared child trying to prove his worth to an invisible and condemning force. His parents were so much like Ace’s, demanding perfection, never satisfied with even the best achievements. And like Ace, Fritz struggled to please them and earn their favor along with everyone else’s.

Ace had given up that fight. Mostly. Nothing he did would earn his parents’ love. They’d stored their parental feelings when Cara died, taking their hurt and grief and stacking it into a combined disdain for their worthless son. After all, he’d failed to protect her. Regret for leaving that fateful night returned and with it the self-condemnation for selfishly sneaking out after his parents left for a party. All so he and Fritz could go to the movies too far away in the neighboring town’s theater while he was supposed to be home with Cara. Typical of her loving big-sister ways, she’d promised to cover for him, unsuspecting her ex-boyfriend would visit.

Phillip had been arrested and convicted of stalking Cara. Upon the day of his parole release, he’d exacted his revenge. If he couldn’t be with Cara, no one would.

Ace inhaled, desperate to ignore the memories while wanting to feel the pain afresh. The hurt reminded him of the importance of completing Ghost. Why had he agreed to this wretched project in the first place? The ATF ensured him Ghost was a step in preventing criminals from making illegal, untraceable 3-D printer guns. Whatever it took to achieve that goal and protect innocents like Cara, Ace promised to do. Give me the strength to finish this, Lord. And protect me and Randee until we can pass this to the authorities.

The notion that someone was watching him had Ace glancing over at Randee. Her hair framed her oval face in wavy cascades, giving her an almost impish appeal. Her wide eyes held a gentleness, and the urge to reach for her overwhelmed him. It didn’t matter that she’d lied, or that she wasn’t who she’d pretended to be. For the first time in his life, Ace understood why men did stupid things to win over a woman.


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