The Rock Harbor Mystery Collection by Colleen Coble

The Rock Harbor Mystery Collection by Colleen Coble

Author:Colleen Coble
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: ebook
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Published: 2013-01-31T16:00:00+00:00

Bree needed some downtime after the past few frenzied days of the murder investigation. She’d promised Davy a picnic today, and since Phil’s funeral wasn’t until the afternoon, she packed a basket and drove out to the dock where her small dinghy stayed. The water on Lake Superior rolled in a seemingly endless realm of brilliant blue that matched the sky overhead.

Davy, his life preserver cinched snugly around him, sat at the bow with his arm around Samson, who wore a doggy smile as the wind blew in his face. Bree guided the dinghy into the inlet. The breeze kept the black flies off them and relieved the heat of the day. Near the end of the inlet, Bree killed the engine. The water and sky were placid here, with the exception of gulls dipping and veering overhead, their caws hoarse and loud.

She waved at the scuba club members on the shore. Several of the lab employees had joined the local club, and she counted ten divers out today. She recognized Ted Kemppa, the Larson men, and Carson Meeks, Samson’s vet. Yancy Coppler popped his head up from the water and waved as well.

Bree smiled and closed her eyes for a moment, turning her face to the sun to soak up its warmth. Their picnic basket contained all the refreshment they’d need for the day, and a Styrofoam cooler held bait for the cane poles that lay on the floor of the boat. Davy had been begging to go fishing for days, and she couldn’t have ordered up a better day for it. He’d asked if Nick could go along, but Bree hadn’t extended the invitation. Davy was way too attached to the handsome fireman, especially when Bree wasn’t sure the friendship he offered them could—or should—ever lead to anything more.

A sound caught her attention, and she squinted through the bright sunlight toward a figure on the shore.

“Help!” The woman on the bank waved to her frantically.

Bree could see no cause for alarm, but she guided the boat to shore. “I’m so glad you’re here,” the woman said breathlessly. About fifty, she wore jeans and a short-sleeved shirt. Red welts from bug bites peppered her arms in spite of the pungent odor of Deet, which the breeze brought to Bree’s nose.

“Is something wrong?” Bree asked, rolling the netting back down over Davy’s face as the black flies swarmed them. She tied her own netting as well and pulled on gloves before she and Davy got out of the boat.

“My Lacy is missing.” The woman wrung her hands and looked back toward the woods. “We’ve been camped at Kitchigami Campground for two days. I let her out to relieve herself this morning, and she hasn’t come back. I’ve called and called for her. One of the other campers told me about you and your dog and pointed you out to me.”

“Lacy is your dog?”

The woman nodded. “She’s a Chihuahua. Can you help me look for her?”

Bree nodded, though she had a feeling it would be useless.


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