Crossfire (Extreme Measures Book #2) by Lynette Eason

Crossfire (Extreme Measures Book #2) by Lynette Eason

Author:Lynette Eason [Eason, Lynette]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Romantic Suspense, FIC042060, FIC042040, FIC027110
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Published: 2022-08-01T18:30:00+00:00

Clay and Julianna wound up sitting at the table next to the pool with Vince Covelli. The man questioned Julianna about the hostage situation at the courtroom, and she was gracious enough to fill him in on what she could talk about. For the most part, she managed to satisfy Vince’s curiosity.

“Come on, man,” Clay finally said, “let her enjoy the party. Just because you’re a big bad US Marshal now, doesn’t mean everyone wants to spend every minute of the day talking shop.”

Julianna laughed. “I don’t mind, but while we’re on pause, I think I’ll visit the ladies’ room. Inside next to the kitchen, right?”

“Or in the pool house over there.”

She rattled the ice in her cup. “I think I’ll head to the kitchen and get a refill on my way out. Can I get anyone anything?”

He and Vince said they were fine, and Julianna walked toward the house. Clay let his gaze follow her. He couldn’t believe how much he enjoyed her company, and it didn’t take much to admit he wanted more than friendship from her. But again, insecurity plagued him. If he told her the whole story of his time in the military, would she walk away from him? He wouldn’t think so but wasn’t quite ready to find out. Then again, like he’d decided earlier, sooner was probably better than later. He couldn’t fully enjoy getting to know her with this hanging over his head.

“She’s the one you ditched me for over the Braves game, isn’t she?” Vince asked.

“Uh . . .”

“I thought so. And I have to admit, I don’t blame you. She’s a keeper.”

Clay glanced at his buddy. He and Vince had gone through twelve years of school together, then basic training, and served on the same police force before his friend had moved on to the US Marshals. He was the only one who knew every detail of Clay’s time overseas. Clay knew the man prayed for him daily. Looking into his friend’s dark brown eyes, he couldn’t lie to him. “I think so too, but . . .” He shrugged. “I have too much baggage, man. I feel like I can’t put that on her.”

“She looks like a grown woman to me. She’s smart too. Might want to let her be the one to make that decision.” Vince’s eyes went wide. “Incoming on your six.”


“Speaking of baggage, Mallory is here.”

And that was all the warning he got.

“Hello, Clay.”

Mallory’s soft voice washed over him, and his breath caught for a brief second before he turned to see his old girlfriend walk over and take the empty seat next to him. Julianna’s seat.

Clay took a swig of his tea and swallowed. “Hello, Mallory.” He didn’t bother to ask who invited her. She didn’t need an invitation. She’d been coming and going from this house since they were teens. “How are you?”

She lifted a shoulder in an elegant shrug, then tucked strands of long dark hair behind her ear. “I’m fine.”

“How’s the interior decorating business going?”

“Very well.


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