An Amish Marriage by Emma Miller

An Amish Marriage by Emma Miller

Author:Emma Miller
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Harlequin
Published: 2022-10-25T13:28:27+00:00

* * *

Thiry-year-old Magnolia Reynolds swiped the rain from her face and stepped into the dimly lit house behind the US marshal. Three days ago she was complaining about real estate contracts and how her husband breaking another promise to their children meant she would spend a night camping in the backyard while September gnats ate away at her flesh. Now, as a storm barreled overhead, she found herself widowed and running for her life.

She pulled Roslyn closer against her side as Sadie, her youngest, clung to her neck like a life raft. With all the emotions swirling inside her, she couldn’t imagine what waves of confusion her daughters were feeling, but fear was certainly high on the list.

And now she was expected to put their lives in the hands of strangers. It was ironic, seeing as she had married a man who had built his fortune on lies and broken promises. A man who left her alone to face the consequences of his actions.

No matter the mixture of anger and fear, her heart was shattered. Micah was gone, her children traumatized, and Roslyn—at only six years of age—was a possible target for a madman. She accepted witness protection, trusting the marshal’s concerns held value, but how was their best option for hiding marrying a stranger and pretending to be something she was not? Being tossed about most of her life had prepared her for many things, but this time, Magnolia feared she might not adapt, or blend in, so easily.

Marshal Bates, a longtime family friend, led the way inside the large house and she and her children cautiously followed, flanked by the two agents assigned to them. Agent Lawson was brawny and quiet, just as one might picture secret agents to be. Agent Moore, a female version of protection, was petite and far less serious. She made certain Magnolia understood what was expected of her to keep her daughters safe. Agent Moore urged her forward, just as she had done from the moment Magnolia’s life had spun out of control.

“I want to go home. It’s not fair,” her eldest, Jasmine, protested as they moved into a large open kitchen. It wasn’t fair, but what choice did they have?

Her gaze lifted immediately to the stranger as he turned from the stove and locked eyes with her. He was tall, with a dark stare and surprisingly was not as she pictured at all. Agent Moore had explained the common Amish dress, the stern nature, conformity, and devout faith they presented. He looked nothing of the sort. He had no beard or scowl and didn’t look much older than her. If not for the suspenders and hair much too long to be considered appropriate, he looked like any man on the street back home in Indiana.

His gaze made a quick study of them and she clutched her children protectively closer, careful not to tug on Roslyn’s long, dark braid as she did. She might not have many choices right now, but she wasn’t about to hand out her trust too swiftly.


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