Under Siege by J.N. Chaney & Terry Mixon

Under Siege by J.N. Chaney & Terry Mixon

Author:J.N. Chaney & Terry Mixon [Chaney, J.N. & Mixon, Terry]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Variant Publications
Published: 2023-11-05T05:00:00+00:00


Jack was pleased with the information Lisa had pulled from the deepest parts of the Vesuvius system. Not only had she given them a lot of detail about what was going on both around Vesuvius and the second planet, but she’d also reaped a harvest of data from the kingdom spy ship. David Chen was still going over everything, but it gave them a lot of information that was actionable right now.

She’d also made a pass by the first planet, and thankfully, there weren’t any warships hiding in the planet’s shadow. That was one less thing to worry about because now they had all the enemy ships located inside the system and a true order of battle that the tactical teams could start working up plans to deal with.

Unfortunately, there was a lot of firepower to be dealt with, and he didn’t believe his ship would be capable of winning a battle so deep inside the gravity well. For the last few battles, he’d been lucky that the terrain favored him, but now the tables were turned.

Worst of all, the Novarites were exterminating the human population on Vesuvius. It was likely that billions had already perished, and even more were under threat. Anything with military potential would be destroyed if he could reach it, but he’d spare the civilian centers if he could. He just wouldn’t be worried about the collateral damage around valid military targets.

The tactical department was busy working on options, but he didn’t expect them to surprise him with something he hadn’t considered. They were good, but he had more experience than all of them combined. No, this time around, it wouldn’t be a simple strike.

As it would take time for them to come up with a plan, he’d made the decision that it was time to speak with the kingdom fleet. They were parked in a nearby system, though not the one closest to Vesuvius. Even so, it was well within a single jump of the independent quantum drive, so he’d ordered them to redeploy to that system, and Lisa was even now getting an idea of what they were dealing with.

She’d gotten an order of battle from the spy ship, but he wouldn’t trust any information unless they verified it themselves. The kingdom was filled with clever people, and he wasn’t going to be fooled by something they did, even if it felt like it was a very low-order probability.

Lisa had been probing the system for almost half a day, and the information they’d gotten back was matching up with what she’d retrieved, so he was waiting for a final confirmation that she would maintain her position while he did the talking. Whatever they did behind the scenes, he wanted her to have a bird’s eye view.

Hunter was positioned far outside the jump limit, so getting her signal took hours, but eventually, it came in. She was ready.

“Helm, take us in to the jump limit closest to the kingdom fleet and then accelerate in using our fusion drives.


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