Total Hockey Training by Sean Skahan

Total Hockey Training by Sean Skahan

Author:Sean Skahan [Unknown Authors List]
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 978149507093
Publisher: Human Kinetics
Published: 2016-12-12T05:00:00+00:00

Hang Snatch


The athlete stands with the feet shoulder-width apart. A barbell is slightly ahead of the athlete.


The athlete picks up the barbell properly from the floor or blocks (see figure a). Proper form cannot be neglected. The chest must be up, the back flat, the knees bent, and the arms long, with the barbell as close to the shins as possible. The athlete should think about driving the feet into the ground as he lifts the barbell off the floor or blocks.

With the feet under the hips and shoulders back, the athlete bends the knees slightly while holding the barbell at shoulder width or slightly wider. He hinges the hips back until the barbell is right above the kneecaps (see figure b).

With the wrists rolled over, chest up, and shoulders in front of the bar, the athlete jumps, shrugs, and sits as he extends the arms straight overhead (see figure c) then stands upright (see figure d).

The athlete controls the bar and returns to the above-the-knee position as safely as possible.

Perform the prescribed number of reps.


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