Starting Strength by Rippetoe Mark

Starting Strength by Rippetoe Mark

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Figure 5-29. The knees-up position in the bench press is less stable than the conventional position and should not be

used by novice lifters.


As it is for all barbell exercises, air is support for the bench press. In the squat anddeadlift, the Valsalva maneuver (as described in the Squat chapter) provides increasedback support. In the bench press, it provides support for the chest. This support takes the

form of increased tightness throughout the thoracic cavity due to the increase in pressure provided by the big, held breath. A tight rib cage allows for a more efficient transfer of power to the bar by the muscles attached to the rib cage when they contract. If the pec and delt origins on the external chest wall contract against a tight structure that does not move when they contract, then more of the force of that contraction can be transferred to the end of the kinetic chain that does move. When the rib cage is tight, less force gets absorbed, or dampened, by movement of the chest. This tightness, along with the support provided by the lower body connected to the ground, radically increases efficiency in the bench press. Also, in the extended spinal position that the arch requires on the bench, the abs cannot tighten as effectively. They cannot therefore as effectively increase intra-abdominal pressure to contribute to the needed increase in intra-thoracic pressure, thus making the big breath the primary source of support for the chest.


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