Timemaster Era: Beginning of a new universe! by S Niter

Timemaster Era: Beginning of a new universe! by S Niter

Author:S Niter [Niter, S]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: KDP Publishing
Published: 2021-03-15T22:00:00+00:00

Chapter 5

Kaleidoscope Girl

Date: ????

Sandra started to panic and scream on where she was heading to as the sky of light started to take her and the mysterious figure somewhere beyond. The beam of light suddenly vanished alongside with her and the prismatic figure.


Gone off the face of the Earth, Sandra ended up in white empty space all around her. She woke up lying down on a glass polychromatic platform with many panels having the same texture with millions upon millions of colors. She was no longer on Earth; it was an entirely different dimension from anything like Earth. This dimension was very magnificent and unique in many different features and images.

The dimension itself was filled with glass upon glass that were multicolored, consisting of vibrant tetrachromacy colors, including pastel, turquoise, regular along with the millions more of colors that no human being had ever seen. As she stood up, she looked at around herself seeing the environment around in amazement, with its elegant beauty of 4th dimensional shapes everywhere, including tesseract versions of the rectangular, triangular prism and spheres also. The 4th coordinate of the coordinate system was known as ‘W’, a 4th dimension indicating that the shape itself was evolving in movement like a cubic tesseract, other than X, Y and Z movements. The environment was filled with floating glass panels with colors upon colors, the sky in the dimension was filled with pure blank whiteness.

Sandra walked around the dimension curiously, as she saw recursions of kaleidoscopic shapes in the sky of white blankness, as she was walking on platform upon platform of pure colored glass tesseracts that were moving nonstop. She was keen and curious on what the heck was going on, how did she end up in this dimension, where was that mysterious prismatic figure?

“Where am I?” Sandra’s voice echoed throughout the entire dimension.

She walked slowly around the environment, as she examined and was astonished by its amazing beauty of tetrachromat and polychromatic features. The dimension was fulfilling to her, to see and learn from it. As she walked, a sudden voice in the dimension echoed in a high celestial tone:

“You are in the Polychromatic Dimension, Sandra Margaret Richards.”

“Polychromatic Dimension?” Sandra said concerningly. “Who are you? Where is that prismatic figure that attacked me back on Earth?”

“You, Sandra Richards have gotten in the way of our business with Infrared!” the celestial voice continued.

“Infrared?” Sandra spoke curiously. “Is he the one I just fought?”

“The cursed being that is prismatic, the being who shoots lasers and seeks to destroy our dimension or your world itself, goes by the name of Infrared! For eons upon eons, we have attempted many ways to trap this chromatic metallic being that still seeks to destroy, which is what we tried to do on your world until you got in the way!”

“In your way?” Sandra spoke in a concerned tone. “So, it was you that struck that white light onto me and this cube! And it’s your fault that you set this so


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