The Witness by Nichole Severn

The Witness by Nichole Severn

Author:Nichole Severn
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Harlequin
Published: 2020-11-05T21:10:12+00:00

Chapter Nine

His suspect dropped to the dock.

Finn lowered the gun, but even without the threat of the killer standing over her, Camille wasn’t moving.

Blood drained from his head, and the sound of rain hitting the surface of the river turned into nothing more than a buzz in his ears. Then he was running. Knee-high grass whipped at his legs as he closed in on her prone outline. Panic boiled up inside him in a horrible, hot, toxic cocktail and cut off his ability to take a full breath. Old wood swayed under his feet as he hit the dock. “Camille!”

He kicked what looked like a syringe full of some kind of clear drug out of her attacker’s hand and tested the SOB’s pulse at the base of his neck. Dead. “Stay down this time, you bastard.”

Finn turned his attention on Camille. He fell to his knees beside her, threading his hand beneath her soaked hair. Blood spread from a wound in her shoulder, the same side she’d been branded by her attacker, and his gut clenched. A stab wound? He holstered his weapon to keep himself from adding another three rounds into the body of the man who’d nearly taken his witness from him. “Camille?”

The aquamarine eyes that he hadn’t gone a single moment without visualizing during his search shot open a split second before her fist connected with his nose. Lightning struck behind his eyes. Her back arched off the dock as she battled tooth and nail to get free, her screams penetrating the wall of buzzing in his head and stabbing straight into his heart. “No! No!”

“Camille! Camille, it’s me. It’s Finn. I’m not here to hurt you.” Tense muscles down her back fought against his touch, but he wasn’t going to add to her pain by trying to control her. She was alive. That was all that mattered, and Finn could only wrap his arms around her so she didn’t aggravate whatever wound had punctured her shoulder. “I’ve got you. You’re safe with me, Red.”

“Finn.” The fight drained out of her in an instant, replaced by teeth-shattering tremors. Curling in on herself, she leaned into him as sobs wracked through her. She held one hand closed over her mouth, as though she intended to stop the cries from rushing past her lips, and fisted his shirt with the other.

“It’s okay.” He pulled her into him, pressing her head against his chest, and rocked her back and forth. Ducking his mouth to her ear, Finn kept his voice low as he cradled her as close as he could possibly get. Eyeing the body a few feet from them, he shifted his hold on her so she wouldn’t have to see her abductor or the houseboat he’d obviously held her in these past couple of hours. “You’re okay. It’s going to be okay.”

She deserved better. Better protection than he’d been able to give, better understanding of what she’d been through. Better than him. He should’ve stayed with her and not let her out of his sight.


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