The Taxon War (New Federation Book 1) by Peter Rhodan

The Taxon War (New Federation Book 1) by Peter Rhodan

Author:Peter Rhodan [Rhodan, Peter]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2023-09-02T00:00:00+00:00

Chapter 16

We are Taxons, after all!

"Cadet Officer Krakendel report to the Captain's cabin immediately. Cadet Officer Krakendel, report to the Captain's cabin immediately."

"Oooh. Who's been a naughty boy then?" offered Cadet Officer Jorndel.

She made a scraping motion with two digits over her left hand, which was shorthand for being caned and had been a common sign among school students across the Empire for centuries. Krakendel simply shook his head at her as he stood up.

"Ha. Bet the Captain wants advice on how to polish his helmet visor correctly," suggested Cadet Officer Ludel nix Moordandel with a grin at his amused fellows.

Frogar nix Krakendel, Crown Prince of the Taxon Empire, scion of the most powerful Royal Family in the known galaxy, directed the smirking Cadet a very uncomplimentary hand signal, indicating an activity that Moordandel would be incapable of performing given he was a male. Krakendel held his head up high as he departed the room, ignoring the general amusement of the other cadets in the mess. It took him some time to make his way through the battleship to where the Captain's cabin was, but even as he traversed the corridors and lifts, he couldn't think of any reason for the summons. At least not in terms of things he may or may not have done that would get him into trouble with the Captain.

Captain Hurgan Lowenfen was a tall, spare male whose crest had all but disappeared and whose eyes could look at a cadet like a twin-barrelled plasma projector. Frogar had no idea why he was being dragged before the Captain and was consequently somewhat concerned by the unexpected summons. Throughout his military training, he had tried very hard to act like all the other cadets and try to fit in with his fellows, as his father had strongly suggested he should before he was sent to the Military Academy three years ago. He could feel his guts starting to churn with nervousness as he knocked on the door of the Captain's cabin, and when the door opened, he resolutely marched forward and came to attention before the plain military desk the Captain used.

"Cadet Krakendel reporting as ordered, sir!" he announced clearly, hoping his voice did not portray his nervousness. His salute was answered by the Captain, who pointed to the chair.

"Sit, Cadet."

The command took him by surprise. It was not something he had been asked to do on previous visits to the Captain's cabin!


"Your Highness. I have a problem."

The Captain began as the cadet settled in the chair. Apart from a few non-training, formal occasions on stations or on this system's planet, the Captain had never used Frogar's Imperial rank either. This was strange and getting stranger.

"On the one hand, I am required to carry out your training in accordance with all the usual methods and without any favoritism due to your rank. On the other, I am also required to do my best to ensure that you survive the training program in good health."

He paused, and Frogar nodded.


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