The Silver Ships by S. H. Jucha

The Silver Ships by S. H. Jucha

Author:S. H. Jucha
Language: eng
Format: mobi
Publisher: S.H. Jucha
Published: 2015-02-07T00:00:00+00:00


“Captain, we have an intrusion at TS-1,” Julien said, simultaneously sending the message to Ser via her implant.

The two of them left their meal half-finished and raced to the bridge.

“What particulars do you have?” asked Alex as they navigated the corridors.

“TS-1’s master database has been copied. I queried Ser Marion Delbert, the Station Manager, as to the reason for the copy, suspecting a problem with the storage material. Ser Delbert reported that she’d received no request for a data transfer and there were no maintenance issues.”

“Who accessed the data?” Alex asked as they arrived on the bridge.

“One moment, Captain.” Then an instance later, “The access code belongs to Engineer Sebastien Velis.”

“Do we have the location of Major Tachenko?” Renée asked.

“Ser Delbert has alerted station security, who contacted the Major. She will be at TS-1 within a quarter hour. Security is working to relay our comm to her.”

Renée asked, “Captain, what does this unauthorized copying mean?”

“It means that someone has stolen the data for their own use.”

“But if they make a Méridien product, it will be known immediately.”

“Anyone can use the data to design a product’s endpoint years down the road and then slowly introduce improvements over time until that goal is reached.”

“What will happen when they’re caught?”

“If they’re caught, they’ll face trial, and if they’re convicted, they’ll go to prison.”

“They will be incarcerated?” Renée asked incredulously after Julien explained prison.

“It’s what they deserve,” Alex growled.

“I have Major Tachenko on the comm,” Julien announced.

“Major, Captain Racine here with Ser. What do you know?”

“The engineer and data are gone. According to my staff, surveillance shows him leaving TS-1 and getting into a hover-car just moments after the copying was complete. He left his reader on his desk, so we can’t use that to locate the man, and the hover-car’s auto-tracker was disabled. This was a well-planned theft. You have my apologies, Ser. I’ve been remiss in my job.”

“Major, I believe you do your job very well. I, for one, would not have believed one of the staff would do this.”

“Do we have anything that would help us find him?” Alex asked.

“We’re researching him now. In the meantime, I’ve sent troopers to his residence, his parents’ home, and we are contacting his known acquaintances. General Gonzalez has been updated and is notifying the President and the Team. We’ll know more in a couple of hours.”

“Thank you, Major. Rêveur, fini,” said Renée.

“Captain, Ser, we do have an option,” Julien said. “My data has a unique signature that I can detect when it crosses any network that I can access.”

“Which networks would those be?” Alex asked.

“All New Terran networks, Captain, but I think it would be wise to keep that private.”

“Uh…does that include government networks?”

“If the network has access to your comm infrastructure, I can access it.”

“Black space, Julien.”

“Precisely, Captain.”

“Do you need anything from us?” Alex asked.

“Negative, Captain. I will disseminate watchers to each infrastructure node. I will receive a signal the instant the data crosses a node, allowing me to track its server destination.”

Over the next few hours, few facts came to light regarding the theft.


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