The Phantom Menace (by Terry Brooks)

The Phantom Menace (by Terry Brooks)

Author:Star Wars - [Episode 1] [-, Star Wars]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2010-07-25T14:52:47.407000+00:00


The boy nodded, swallowing. "I know. And I won't stop caring for you, either. Only, I miss--"

His voice broke, and the tears sprang into his eyes once more.

"You miss your mother," the girl finished quietly.

Anakin nodded, wiping at his face, unable to speak a word as Padme Naberrie drew him against her and

held him close.

- -===16 ===Even before an off-world traveler was close enough to understand why, he could tell that Coruscant was

different from other planets. Seasoned veterans were always amazed at how strange the planet looked

from space, casting not the softer blue and white shades of planets still verdant and unspoiled, but an odd

silvery glow that suggested the reflection of sunlight off metal.

The impression was not misleading. The days in which Coruscant could be viewed in any sort of natural

state were dead and gone. The capital city had expanded over the centuries, building by building, until it

wrapped the entire planet. Forests, mountains, bodies of water, and natural formations had been covered

over. The atmosphere was filtered through oxygen regulators and purified by scrubbers, and water was

gathered and stored in massive artificial aquifers. Native animals, birds, plants, and fish could be found in

the museums or the climate-controlled indoor preserves. As Anakin Skywalker could clearly see from

the viewport of Queen Amidala ' s slowly descending transport, Coruscant had become a planet of

skyscrapers, their gleaming metal towers



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