The Little Shop of Hidden Treasures Part Two by Holly Hepburn

The Little Shop of Hidden Treasures Part Two by Holly Hepburn

Author:Holly Hepburn
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Simon & Schuster UK
Published: 2021-07-02T00:00:00+00:00

Chapter Six

The first message from Joe gave Hope a moment’s panic, before she saw his follow up text and realized her younger brother was just being his usual melodramatic self:


What do you get the parents who have everything? Asking for a sibling.

Smiling, she tapped out a reply:

Of course they have everything – they have us! Are you stuck for an anniversary present? Because I’m sure seeing you will be more than enough X

Nineteen-year-old Joe was just finishing his first year at Edinburgh University and should have been back at home by the date of their parents’ anniversary. But he’d concocted an excuse about needing to stay on for another few weeks so that he could surprise them at the party, although Charlotte had firmly vetoed his idea to jump out of an enormous cake.

Obviously but I want to get them something. Any ideas?

Hope mulled it over all morning as she worked at the Emporium. Joe didn’t have much to spend and she knew he hated having to ask for help. But out of his three siblings, Joe had always been closest to Hope and if he was going to come to any of them, it was most likely to be her. She might have suggested he buy their parents a nice bottle of wine, to go with the exquisite decanter set she’d found, if Harry hadn’t got in there first and bought six bottles of eye-wateringly expensive Burgundy from the year of their parents’ marriage – 1981 had been a good year for grapes as well as weddings, it seemed.

The Emporium had nothing to offer, either – at least, nothing within Joe’s price range. Then her eye was caught by a Victorian silver photo frame – still far too expensive, even with her staff discount, but it triggered an idea.

Have you still got the photo of Mum and Dad you took at Harry’s birthday last year? she typed.

Joe’s response was puzzled: Yeah???

Send it over. Hope typed, smiling to herself. I’ve got an idea.


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