The Complete Guide to Japanese Drinks by Stephen Lyman & Chris Bunting

The Complete Guide to Japanese Drinks by Stephen Lyman & Chris Bunting

Author:Stephen Lyman & Chris Bunting
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing

Taketsuru and his wife Rita (top) were inseparable in life and in death. After her passing he poured himself into opening a second distillery, Miyagikyo (bottom), in rural Miyagi prefecture.

A selection of whiskies await tasting at the Nikka Blender’s Bar in Tokyo (see page 144).

Taketsuru is rightly known as the father of Japanese whisky, and Rita its mother. She stayed by his side for the rest of her life, even through the war years when she was suspected of being a spy for the Allies. When she died in 1961, Taketsuru was heartbroken. He refused to even attend her funeral, instead asking that her ashes be brought to their bedroom where he could mourn in privacy. He outlived her by 18 years, but today they are buried together on a hill overlooking the Yoichi distillery. His knowledge helped found the two great rival empires of Japanese whisky: Suntory and Nikka. This adversarial start to the industry has had lasting repercussions even as other Japanese whisky makers have joined these pioneers.


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