Roman's Journey by Roman Halter

Roman's Journey by Roman Halter

Author:Roman Halter [Halter, Roman]
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 978-1-61145-351-5
Publisher: Arcade Publishing
Published: 2010-12-31T16:00:00+00:00

By the beginning of March, we had gotten the machines working again and the factory was back in action.

Among the new SS, there was one sadistic woman officer who liked to choose her victims from among the younger and smaller men. She would make them stand at attention and then kick them in the groin with her pointed boot. Being a runner, it was hard to avoid her, so I made myself a protective shield out of metal. Dr. Kleszczelski told me how to put it in so it wouldn’t clank when she kicked me. I was to throw myself on the floor and writhe as if in agony. While he and the others rehearsed me in this, I had them in stitches—but whenever I saw the female sadist I was terrified. I felt that she truly hated me.

The new officer in charge had the eyes of a killer. We all feared him, and rightly so. Rumor had it that the last SS officer in charge had died in the bomb shelter the night of the Dresden bombings and his deputy had been promoted for his courage in taking us down to the river—Alfreds idea actually— and because he meted out harsh punishments for the smallest things. With the new officer in charge, we saw a definite change in the behavior of the ordinary SS. Life became more unpleasant than ever. The German civilian office knew that the SS were just ruthless killers, but there was little they could do about it. There was little cooperation between them and the SS now.


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