Rick Steves London 2018 by Rick Steves & Gene Openshaw

Rick Steves London 2018 by Rick Steves & Gene Openshaw

Author:Rick Steves & Gene Openshaw
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Avalon Publishing
Published: 2017-02-09T05:00:00+00:00

Pop Art

America’s postwar wealth made the consumer king. Pop Art is created from the popular objects of that throwaway society—soup cans, car fenders, tacky plastic statues, movie icons. Take a Sears product, hang it in a museum, and you have to ask: Is this art? Are mass-produced objects beautiful, or crap? Why do we work so hard to acquire them? Pop Art, like Dadaism before it, questions our society’s values.

Andy Warhol (who coined “15 minutes of fame”) concentrated on another mass-produced phenomenon: celebrities. He took publicity photos of famous people and reproduced them. The repetition—like the constant bombardment we get from recurring images on TV—cheapens even the most beautiful things.

Roy Lichtenstein took a comic strip, blew it up, hung it on a wall, and charged a million bucks—whaam, Pop Art. Lichtenstein supposedly was inspired by his young son, who challenged him to do something as good as Mickey Mouse. The huge newsprint dots never let us forget that the painting—like all commercial art—is an illusionistic fake. The work’s humor comes from portraying a lowbrow subject (comics and ads) on the epic scale of a masterpiece.


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