One Girl One Dream by Dekker Laura

One Girl One Dream by Dekker Laura

Author:Dekker, Laura
Language: eng
Format: epub, pdf
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

DAY 14: 21 May

The time difference with Europe is now big. When my parents in Europe have their dinner, I’m waking up from my last catnap. The wind is of the ‘little wind from astern’ variety, so I’m battling with the sails again. It’s pitch dark when I try chatting on the SSB, but this morning I can’t seem to get a coherent word out of it. While I’m listening to the snap, crackle, sssst on the radio, I unravel the bandage around my foot. It looks like it’s healing well, and it might be good to let it have some fresh air. Needless to say, I bump it a little later and the wound is open again.

‘Well done, Laura,’ I mumble to myself and wind the bandage back on.

My mood doesn’t improve when my breakfast goes flying a little later. Well, at least it keeps me busy.

I try to take no notice of the way Guppy is rolling, nor of the dropping wind and speed, because it’s a lovely morning anyway. Guppy has gained another 10 miles on Rhythm, who is now 300 miles behind me. My mood is improving, and how could it be otherwise? There are only 700 more miles to go, the sky is blue, the sun is warm and Guppy is running at 5.5 knots. I spend the greater part of the day reading in the cockpit. I wash my hair with saltwater and do the dishes. In between, I gaze at the sea and think about home and the future. My thoughts are a jumble, and 10 minutes later I can’t remember what I was thinking about. Life on board is timeless and everything just happens. The day ends and the night falls; the sun and moon chase each other overhead and say, ‘Look at us. We’re much faster than you — we get around the world in 24 hours.’


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