Omnia by S. H. Jucha

Omnia by S. H. Jucha

Author:S. H. Jucha
Language: eng
Format: mobi
Publisher: Hannon Books, Inc.
Published: 2017-06-01T18:30:00+00:00


Return to Omnia

The Rêveur broke Sawa’s orbit, and Captain Lumley and Julien spotted, at the same time, the anomaly above Omnia in the liner’s telemetry feed.

“You possess the superior analytical capabilities, Julien. Can you confirm that we’re seeing a second city-ship?” Francis requested.

“We are indeed, Captain,” Julien replied, “and, as you hold the exalted position of Dassata’s ship captain, I’ll defer to you to deliver the message to him.”

“You’re so kind, Julien. I do love surprising Alex.”

“Don’t we all, Captain?” Julien replied, exiting the bridge and softly whistling an ancient tune known as a dirge.

While Captain Lumley informed Alex of the presence of a second city-ship stationed over Omnia, Julien commed Cordelia and requested an update. That conversation became protracted, and Julien delayed responding to Alex’s ping until he completed his communication with Cordelia.

When Julien closed his comm with his partner, he responded to Alex’s signal, sending, <Alex, according to Cordelia, the SADEs’ negotiations with the Assembly became much more complicated than intended, but it’s reported they were successfully concluded. However, I believe the entire discussion would be better conducted face to face to review the agreement’s many parts.>

<This should prove to be interesting, Julien,> Alex sent in reply. <Let Cordelia know that I will make it my priority once we reach Omnia.>

Julien knew Alex wouldn’t mind putting off anything that threatened to take his attention away from investigating the meaning of the glyphs they’d discovered on Sawa. Alex and Julien’s scans of the temple stone’s backside and the carvings on the column were copied to the Rêveur’s library. In addition, the glyph imagery recorded by the SADEs from every site was uploaded to provide a reference to help solve the riddle of the buried temple stone.

Alex spent hours studying the odd carving, which consisted of a multitude of dots and a single, short line, without having any inkling of their meaning. It spun slowly in his main salon’s holo-vid and taunted him every time he passed.

The fact that the edifice’s architects had mentioned the sphere on the column, where all could see it, but buried this one stone’s image, indicated it was a critical clue. Adding to Alex’s building frustration was Julien’s report that he had yet to understand the carving.

* * *

When the Rêveur gained Omnia orbit and Sissya announced to Waffala that they would soon be delivered to Sawa Messa, the sub-commander requested a moment in the presence of the alien leader, and Sissya took him to the bridge with his mates. Waffala’s three pups were left in the care of Miriam and Glenn.

On the bridge, the sub-commander spotted Alex, and he fell to his knees, with his mates following his example.

“Rise,” Alex commanded immediately. When the three Sawa Dischnya came to their feet, Alex stared deeply into Waffala’s eyes. “You never kneel to me again,” he said. “You live, and I live. You think, and I think,” he added, tapping his temple. “Because of this, we’re the same. You aren’t better than me, and I’m no better than you.


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