NICK (Carsonbrothers Book 3) by S R Dyble

NICK (Carsonbrothers Book 3) by S R Dyble

Author:S R Dyble [Dyble, S R]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2020-06-17T05:00:00+00:00


Nick smiled at me, his face looking perfectly refreshed. I groaned, remembering how much of a morning person Nick was. His face looked so beautifully refreshed while I probably looked like I'd taken a jellyfish to the face with my skin all puffy. I turned to face away from him.

"Rude," he said.

"My bed, I can do what I want to…"

"Clearly someone woke up on the wrong side of it… What's the matter, feeling hormonal or something?"

I turned back over to look at him.

"Just because a woman isn't in a good mood, does not always mean she's hormonal or in need of a bloody tampon, Nicholas!"

"Okay," he laughed, holding his hands up in surrender. "I'm sorry."

I sighed, laying on my back and staring at the window.

"What the hell happened last night?"

"I don't know," he said after a short while, then got up.

"Come on, let's take a walk."

"What?" I sat up rubbing my face.

"Walking will help me think, usually I jog but…"

Yeah, didn't I know it...

I'd witnessed my fair share of Nick’s morning jogs. He'd returned each time shimmering with sweat and his hair looking windswept and good enough to run my hands through...

"But I'm assuming you're not up for that?"

I shook my head out of my daydream. "Do I look like a morning jog person?"

He smiled and got out of bed.

"Tea it is then, get ready, sleepyhead."

I watched as he left my room. How the hell was he so calm after what had happened last night? I stared at the window and it all seemed like a bit of a bad dream. I'd been having a lot of those recently…

I got out of bed and peeked my head out of the window and took a good look around. I left the bedroom and strolled to the bathroom, taking a quick shower before strolling back in my towel.

Once inside my bedroom, I pulled my towel off, about to get dressed when I screamed and held it against my naked body.

"Nicholas!" I yelled, seeing him standing outside the window like a deer caught in the headlights. Once I had the towel fully wrapped around me, I rushed to the window and pulled the curtains closed. This was the second time Nick had passed my window and had scared the living shit out of me, only this time I had been naked and perhaps it was about time I pulled the damn half see-through curtain across the window to offer me some shield. I probably should be getting dressed in the bathroom from now on… Soon after and fully dressed, I stormed into the kitchen to see him pouring a cup of tea.

"Morning, you look perky after your shower."

"Don't even dare."

He was about to speak when I shut him down.

"You make one more inside joke about my tits… or arse, I'm gonna slap you silly."

He laughed, placing my drink on the counter.

"What were you even doing outside my window?"

"Why were you getting dressed butt naked with the curtains open? I thought you'd learnt your lesson after last time.


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