Mind Maps at Work by Tony Buzan

Mind Maps at Work by Tony Buzan

Author:Tony Buzan
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Published: 2004-08-14T16:00:00+00:00


Imagine you are the manager at an events company. It is the day before your most important conference of the year and you have just heard that two of your star speakers have gone down with the flu. They are the biggest names on your programme and you marketed the event around them. How are you going to break the news that they are not appearing?


Panic instantly blinds you to the bigger picture and leads to your brain seizing up. If you feel yourself becoming gripped by panic, walk away from the situation for 10 minutes. Creating distance between yourself and the immediate challenge confronting you can only be beneficial. If you are too emotionally tied up with the situation, you are more likely to make a hasty knee-jerk decision, rather than a responsible course of action. Consequently, your reputation as an excellent events manager will not be enhanced. If you take the attitude that this is not a problem but an opportunity to display your solution-finding skills, you are far more likely to come up with creative answers.


When the conference was at the planning stage, you held Mind Map brainstorming sessions to work out the content and the speakers. Refer back to those Mind Maps to see if there are any other names that you could fill in. Perhaps there is someone you might be able to call on at short notice.


Mind Map all your options and order them in terms of preference using coloured pens. Phone around and see who might be available, making notes on your Mind Map as you go. Appointments are cancelled, rescheduled and rearranged, business trips get postponed or scrapped and deadlines are lengthened. You may be surprised at the top names you are able to net with just 24 hours’ notice. Apply yourself and motivate your team to go for the big names, the expert speakers in the field. If expectations have to be lowered, then they can be lowered in the positive knowledge that you have explored every avenue.


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