Michael Cobley - Humanity's Fire book 1 by Seeds of Earth

Michael Cobley - Humanity's Fire book 1 by Seeds of Earth

Author:Seeds of Earth [Earth, Seeds of]
Language: eng
Format: epub, mobi

'That is fascinating.' The look of bland regard in Julia's face didn't change. 'You know, it's such a shame that your enhancements failed at the last - poor Catriona, it must have been such a struggle. But you have work and that's so important. Well, I must say goodbye - perhaps we'll run into each other again.'

A smile tinged with satisfaction, a nod, and Julia Bryce was strolling back to Yurevich. Cat kept the fake composure plastered on until she had turned the corner out of the lobby and into Pilipoint Station's narrow concourse.

Bitch! She's working 'on a research project' but I 'have work' — makes it sound as if I pour the tea and deliver the mail. Chrome-plated bitch!

Then she slowed down, in her thoughts as well as the furious pace she was marching along at, while comprehension dawned. Eighteen years on from that tight, fevered hothouse of a coactile group, and Julia could still prod her temper and stir up feelings of low

self-esteem. She had nothing to be ashamed of and every reason to feel good about her achievements, yet self-justification was not what she needed, rather it was a tougher skin.

Then she stopped entirely, realising that she had walked right past the entrance to the small foyer where an elevator gave access to the floor where Forbes had his office. And on the spur of the moment she decided no, she wasn't going to go up there and endure Forbes's verbal thuggery. If he truly, urgently, needed a report she would be more than happy to send him a text version via the satgrid.


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