Mech Warrior: Born of Steel (Mechanized Infantry Division Book 1) by James David Victor

Mech Warrior: Born of Steel (Mechanized Infantry Division Book 1) by James David Victor

Author:James David Victor [Victor, James David]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Fairfield Publishing
Published: 2020-11-02T16:00:00+00:00


New Sanctuary

Sylvia’s jeep cruised down the empty highway, roaring at speeds that would have been considered reckless at any other normal time.

But these weren’t normal times, and, for the moment, the interstates and the streets were mostly empty, save for the occasional covered farm vehicle and the army tankers looking like covered metal boxes, sprouting defensive plates and gun turrets.

The world has changed, the doctor was thinking as she looked out on the wide fields around her, mostly deserted save for drone vehicles. Off to her left in the far distance gleamed rising steel and concrete walls as defenses were being placed around another American city.

Everyone is scared of the virus storms, Sylvia thought. There were domes going up. Habitats. Reinforced, air-conditioned housing units. The very jeep that she herself was driving had a plate-armor shell encasing it, making it look bug-like—but giving it a hell of a lot of forward momentum when she maxed out at ninety-five miles per hour.

Everyone is scared of the skies, she considered. On the horizon on the other side of her, she saw the three, fast-moving shapes of rocket-propelled jets as the Federalized Air Force made their constant sweeps toward the coast.

I wonder if we’ll ever trust the skies again, Sylvia thought dismally as she started to see the horizon mist and pall ahead of her.

She had reached her destination and could see that some of New Sanctuary—the first place attacked by the Exin—still burned two months after the attack.


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