Lonely Planet's Guide to Travel Photography by Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet's Guide to Travel Photography by Lonely Planet

Author:Lonely Planet
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9781760341831
Publisher: Lonely Planet
Published: 2016-08-12T16:00:00+00:00


Fill flash is a technique used to add light to shadow areas containing important detail that would otherwise be rendered too dark. The flash provides a secondary source of light to complement the main light source (usually the sun). If executed well, the flash light will be unnoticeable, but if it overpowers the main light source the photo will look unnatural.

Fill-flash techniques have long been the domain of professional photographers. Now most compact cameras, DSLRs with built-in flash units, and professional DSLRs with dedicated flash systems have a Fill Flash feature. Some activate automatically; others require you to decide that it is needed. Use the Fill Flash feature under the following conditions:

The light on your subject is uneven, such as when a person’s hat casts a shadow over their eyes but their nose and mouth are in full sun.

Your subject is backlit and you don’t want to record it as a silhouette.

Your subject is in shade, but the background is bright.

If you’re using a less sophisticated DSLR and accessory flash, you’ll need to override the flash so that it delivers less light than it would if it were the main light source (usually one to 1½ stops less). Set your exposure for the brightest part of your composition, say 1/60 at f8, but set the flash on f5.6 or f4.5. Alternatively, you can change the ISO setting on the flash unit, from say 100 to 200. Both techniques trick the flash into thinking that the scene needs less light than it actually does. Output is reduced, which prevents it becoming the main light source while still giving enough light to fill in the dark areas.


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