Logan's Run by William F. & Johnson Nolan & William F. & Johnson Nolan

Logan's Run by William F. & Johnson Nolan & William F. & Johnson Nolan

Author:William F. & Johnson Nolan & William F. & Johnson Nolan [Nolan, William F. & Johnson, George Clayton]
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 0553025171
Publisher: Bantam Books

The brook was silver and cool softness over round rocks. On the shadowed moss bank, Jess dipped a cloth into the stream and carefully blotted the mangled flesh of Logan's back. He slept fitfully. Jess put aside the cloth and sat regarding him. She reached down to touch at his matted hair. His lips moved; he moaned. "Jess . . ." He tried to sit up, but she restrained him with gentle fingers.

"Lie still," she told him. She could see the raw hurt in the wax of his skin, the fever of his eyes. For a moment he looked at her without recognition.

"Rest," she said soothingly. "You need rest."

The tension began to leave him as he listened to her voice. Above him the tree boughs moved soft fans of shifting green shadow. The quiet worked on him as the last of the tension drained away. His breath evened. The pulse in his neck slowed and steadied.

"Got to keep moving," he said. "Ballard. Got to—"

"Hush," she told him.


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