Libra Ascending (Zodiac Guardians Book 1) by Tamar Sloan & Tricia Barr

Libra Ascending (Zodiac Guardians Book 1) by Tamar Sloan & Tricia Barr

Author:Tamar Sloan & Tricia Barr [Sloan, Tamar]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2020-12-31T16:00:00+00:00



The usual tribulations aren’t fazing Brielle at all today.

Not that any of the morning’s events have been normal.

Suki apparently confessed her infidelity to Zayn, who dumped her in return. She came to school with no makeup and wet cheeks, and as soon as she and Cassandra spotted Brielle in the hallway, they scowled at her. If looks could kill, Brielle would’ve burst into flames. As if it was somehow her fault that Suki cheated.

“What’s their problem?” Adalind asks as she catches up to Brielle in the hall on the way to Cooking class, noting the wicked glares.

“Who knows,” Brielle says with a sigh. Because honestly, she doesn’t care.

She can’t stop thinking about last night with Eye Patch Guy. Is she really the target of some mystery danger, or is she merely the object of some delusion the crazy librarian has? She’s not sure which possibility is more frightening.

Eye Patch Guy knows where she lives. If he really is just insane, he could sneak into the orphanage and abduct her. And he’s a very large man, she wouldn’t stand a chance against him if he snapped.

But if he’s not crazy… That opens up too many possibilities and unknowns, all of which have Brielle jumpier than a frog on a caffeine high.

“Brielle? Did you hear me?” Adalind nudges Brielle’s arm as they enter the classroom.

“Huh?” Brielle shakes off her ponderings and turns to Adalind.

“I asked if you’re ready for the big dinner tonight with your hopefully new parents,” Adalind clarifies, climbing onto her stool at their station and letting her backpack slip off her shoulder and land on the floor.

“Oh, uh, yeah.” Brielle sits on her stool so nervously that she almost slides off the other side. She takes a deep breath and adjusts herself.

Adalind frowns and raises an eyebrow. “What is up with you today? Everything okay?”

No. Nothing is okay. But she’s not about to tell her only friend that. “Sorry. I was up all night working on my History paper so it would be out of the way and I could be clear-headed for the dinner tonight.”

“Doesn’t sound like it worked,” Adalind says with a chuckle. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you this tired, or this jittery. I hope you didn’t take one of those energy shots, they’re horrible for you.”

Brielle fakes a laugh, hoping to end the conversation there. How in the world is she going to get through the dinner tonight if she can’t even keep it together for two minutes with her best friend?

“So you actually decided to show up today,” Adalind says, making Brielle look up to see Tristan approach their station. His blue eyes twinkle as they lock onto her like they’re made of diamonds, and her lungs stop working. “Or are you just going to randomly walk out again like you own the place?”

“Why, did you miss me?” He flashes Adalind a teasing smile that is nothing shy of delicious, then winks at Brielle, reminding her to inhale and get her lungs functioning again.


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