Jillian by Halle Butler

Jillian by Halle Butler

Author:Halle Butler
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Published: 2020-07-06T16:00:00+00:00

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The ninety milligrams of Tylenol T3 with codeine wore off before the day was over. Jillian left the bottle at home because the bottle said not to operate heavy machinery while taking them and, duh, she knew the bottle meant, like, cars and tractors and stuff, but she would be using a computer all day and computers were heavy and she was covering her bases. When she got home she decided it was okay to take one, just one, because she was in a lot of pain from her accident. The bottle said TAKE FOR PAIN WHEN NEEDED.

She felt so sad leaving Crispy locked in the bathroom all day, but that was the only place she could leave the dog where the poop and pee would be easy to clean up. There it was, it was gross but it was true and there it was.

“Hey, Crispy!” she said.

She still hadn’t gotten Crispy that pull-toy yet and the bath mat was pretty much shredded.

“Get on out of here,” said Jillian, and Crispy obeyed and started tearing ass around the apartment in circles. Jillian took a big wad of toilet paper and used it to pick up the turds and mop up the urine and vomit (which she noticed had some threads from the bath mat in it, Crispy!). She put these wads in the toilet and flushed and then performed one more wipe-down of the floor. She fed Crispy and filled her water bowl.

“Do you need to go out?” she asked. Crispy cocked her head. “No?” Crispy got in the play position. “Okay, I guess you don’t want to go out,” said Jillian.

Jillian went to take that one Tylenol, then sat down and turned on the TV. She was pooped. Elena came over with Adam.

“Oh, hey, I just got back from taking Crispy on a walk! Good timing,” said Jillian.

“I have to run,” said Elena. “Are you coming to the eighties party this weekend?”

Jillian looked off into the distance. “Yeah, I guess so,” she said.

“Okay, could you come a little early? We need help setting up.”

“Well, sure,” said Jillian. “Yeah, I could do that.”

“Okay, I can’t pick you up, but you can bring Adam. There’ll be an area set up for him and the other kids. We’ll have a movie for them to watch or something.”

“Oh, yeah, I could bring Charlotte’s Web.”

“That won’t be necessary, we have plenty of VeggieTales.”

“Oh, of course.”

“See you Saturday around one o’clock, then?”

“Yeah, and tomorrow, too, right?”

“Yeah. When are you getting your car out of the impound, anyway?”

“Oh, I’m still waiting to hear how much it’ll cost, and then I have to set up my court date and everything, but it’ll be soon, I promise.” This was making Jillian nervous and when Jillian got nervous she got angry and her anger expressed itself in her tone. “So, yeah, I’ll definitely be able to come and set up and do whatever you want me to, anytime, you know, okay?”

Elena looked at her and left.


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