How to Make Small Talk by Melissa Wadsworth

How to Make Small Talk by Melissa Wadsworth

Author:Melissa Wadsworth
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Adams Media

Advancing Your Love of Conversation

Often we get into a rut about with whom, when, and where we communicate. Try stretching beyond habit and comfort zone. Make little small talk strides that enliven your days and enlarge your social world. So often people just need someone else to brave the first word, to make the first move. Be that someone and see what a difference it makes in how you perceive your communication abilities:

At the grocery store. Why waste a good wait in line with silence? Survey what the person in front or back of you has in their cart or up on the counter. Try a friendly “Looks like you’re having pasta for dinner,” “You look like you’re having a party,” or “I’m impressed you eat so healthy.”

In the elevator. Ah elevators, the land of the blank stare and uneasy space shifting. Yet there is small talk lurking there. Getting on the elevator, you might comment, “Thanks for holding the elevator, it took me so long to get here this morning, what terrible traffic.” Since everyone is in such close quarters it usually takes just one person to make a first move that relaxes the entire group.

Around the home and garden. Bridge that lawn gap by proactively commenting on your neighbor’s new plants, obvious green thumb, or golf-course-perfect lawn when you’re outdoors at the same time. If they have a little remodeling work going on, ask how it’s proceeding.

At the gym. Health clubs can be favorable places to meet people, but use common sense about initiating exchanges. Rather than talking to the treadmill runner, head to the stationary bikes for conversation. People tend to be less out of breath and even read while riding.


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