How to Be a Bad Bitch by Amber Rose

How to Be a Bad Bitch by Amber Rose

Author:Amber Rose
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Gallery Books


So much of making your dream life happen is about getting seen, whether it’s by the person interviewing you for a job, the clients you need to impress during a meeting, or the customers you want to attract to your venture. According to my mom, I’ve always had the ability to make people take notice, even when I was way too young to know anything about self-confidence or composure. “Amb, I don’t know what it is, but when you walk into a room, you demand attention.” I’ve heard her say that since I was small.

I don’t go in and announce myself. I don’t say, “Hey, everyone, I’m here.” It’s just a natural poise I have, almost more of an inner strength and stillness, and I honestly feel like that’s why I’ve been able to get what I want. It helped me when I was dancing, and I definitely learned how to cultivate it more over the years. It helped me to get discovered and break into music videos. And it helped me translate my music video work into a modeling career and everything else.

Visiting Ghana in 2011—I am truly passionate about helping people, and this was one of the most inspiring trips I have ever taken.


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