Highlander Cursed by Rebecca Preston

Highlander Cursed by Rebecca Preston

Author:Rebecca Preston
Language: eng
Format: mobi, epub
Tags: Time travel
Published: 2019-12-03T16:00:00+00:00


Delilah helped the servants clear the tables when breakfast was done, feeling a lot more alive now that her body was digesting a delicious greasy meal. They gave her strange looks, the servants, but she wanted to help — it felt strange to be staying in this castle without having done anything to earn her keep just yet. She hoped that lifting the curse would be payment enough to the MacClarans for their incredible hospitality. Especially given the sick feeling in her stomach that told her she was responsible for whatever announcement Donal was saving for after breakfast that apparently everyone in the castle needed to be aware of. The servants may not have appreciated her assistance, but she at least got a twinkling smile from Dolores, the headwoman of the kitchens. At least some of the Scottish people liked her. The servants may think she was an evil, vengeful witch like her ancestor, but Dolores and Mary knew her better than that. She hoped she would make them proud.

She rejoined Marianne once the breakfast was all put away, surprised by how many people seemed to have filled up the cavern — the guards must have been brought in from the walls as well. Did that mean the castle was unguarded? This seemed to be a very serious announcement if they’d take a risk like that — and, she thought with a slight feeling of relief, it would seem to indicate that the problem wasn’t a war with the English. If it was, why would they leave the walls unguarded? Donal’s face was solemn as he stood in front of them all, raising his arms for silence. Delilah glanced behind her, seeing all the servants crowded into the space, standing around the walls. She’d never fully appreciated how many people actually lived in the castle. Had all of them been damaged by the curse her ancestor had laid?

“We’ve received word from Weatherby this morning,” Donal announced, gesturing with the piece of paper he held. “It’s not good news.”

“Is it war?” yelled once of the guards. A general hubbub of laughter went up, and Delilah could see Donal resisting the urge to smile.

“Nay, no war, ye bloodthirsty rapscallions,” he replied, raising his voice again. “But it seems there’s another group of witch-hunters in the area. They’ve invited themselves to stay with Weatherby, who wasn’t in a position to turn them down for fear of bringing suspicion onto his own household and everyone in the area. This letter was sent in secret,” he added, gesturing with it one more time, and a general murmur of approval went up.

Delilah heard the man opposite her confiding in his friend that he’d always hated the young Lord Weatherby, but he seemed to be coming good. These were fascinating politics — Delilah resisted the urge to ask Marianne more about the situation, forcing herself to focus on the here and now.

“We’ve dealt with witch-hunters before,” Eamon MacClaran rumbled from beside Marianne, his own voice effortlessly filling the hall.


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