Midnight's Master by Donna Grant

Midnight's Master by Donna Grant

Author:Donna Grant
Language: eng
Format: mobi, epub
Tags: Dark Warriors#1
Publisher: Macmillan
Published: 2012-05-22T10:00:00+00:00


There were a few things Gwynn was sure of. That her life had radically changed.

That she was a Druid.

And that Logan’s smile made her want to kiss him.

“No, I’m not sure,” she answered.

Her heart was pounding slow and hard in her chest. She wanted to be in Logan’s arms again. She wanted to feel his lips on hers.

It was foolish, she knew. Logan was a heartache waiting to happen. Yet she couldn’t seem to help herself. She wanted him.




Despite the threat to her heart, or maybe because of it, Gwynn tucked her legs beneath her and rose up on her knees. Logan’s hazel eyes darkened until the gold flecks seemed to glow with his intensity.

He ran the backs of his fingers down her cheek and moved closer to her.

Gwynn edged forward until their bodies were just inches apart. She didn’t understand the pull Logan seemed to have over her. Nor did she understand the depth of the attraction she felt for him.

It was deeper, stronger than anything she’d felt before. And it was glorious. As well as more than a little scary.

For several minutes they simply stared at each other. Then Logan dragged her into his arms and slanted his mouth over hers. It was a kiss meant to claim, a kiss meant to brand her.

And she welcomed it.

Gloried in it.

Eagerly answered it with her own.

Gwynn’s fingers plunged into Logan’s still wet hair and clung to him, accepting the temptation offered in his hot, demanding kiss. She didn’t hold back as he deepened the kiss.

She felt his hunger, felt his focus on her. Gwynn had no choice but to succumb. To yield. To surrender to the onslaught of Logan’s devastating kisses.

The desire, the unrelenting thud of passion, pounded through her veins until she shook with it.

She returned his kiss with as much hunger and abandon as he had given her. She left behind the restraint that usually bound her. His kisses were too hot, too wondrous, for her to be anything other than eager and as wanton as he.

As if Logan sensed her unleashed passion, he urged her onward, enticed her to see where this unrelenting desire would take them.

“They are waiting for us,” Logan said between kisses.

Gwynn didn’t care if the queen herself were downstairs. Nothing mattered but Logan and the unbending passion that gripped her.

She dragged his mouth back to hers. His groan of pleasure made her blood turn to liquid heat.

A gasp of surprise tore from her as Logan’s arms tightened around her a moment before he rose from the bed with her in his arms.

Logan moaned at the feel of Gwynn’s lean legs around his waist. Even through his jeans and her thin, bright pink panties he could feel the heat of her.

They had no time for kisses, no time for the mounting desire that had built before their first kiss, and most especially afterward.

She had tried to deny it. He had tried to forget it.

But it wouldn’t loosen its hold on either of them.

Logan cupped Gwynn’s bottom in his hands and rubbed her against his aching cock.


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