Silver Silence by Joy Nash

Silver Silence by Joy Nash

Author:Joy Nash
Language: eng
Format: epub, mobi
Tags: Fiction
Publisher: Dorchester Publishing Co., Inc.

A fanfare blared.

The thousand or so butterflies that had taken up residence in Breena’s stomach fluttered their wings in response.

She stood in a small antechamber between the castle’s main wing and its feasting hall. Gerlois and Igraine were to be the last to enter Tintagel’s great hall, preceded by Breena, Bertrice, and Dafyd. Once again, the duke had dressed in the trappings of Rome. Garbed in a snow-white toga edged in purple, he might have been standing in the Senate.

Igraine stood beside her husband. She wore a stola of aquamarine blue; glittering diamonds adorned her girdle and sleeve pins. She looked as beautiful as she did brittle; the day had not worn well on the duchess. The ceremony on the tournament field had been taxing, and the prospect of again being on display at the feast had her trembling. Breena feared Igraine was close to withdrawing into another strange melancholy.

Gerlois offered no comfort to his wife. Indeed, despite the duke’s insistence that Igraine attend the ceremony and tonight’s feast, he seemed barely aware of her. His head was bent in conversation with Dafyd, who stood rigid, hooked staff in hand. Lady Bertrice edged closer, clearly eavesdropping on her brothers’ dialogue.

A glimpse through the door showed the expansive hall already filled to overflowing. The most important of the noblemen and their ladies were already seated on the dais, while the lesser ranking nobles, and the tournament knights, filled the main floor. The tables had been arranged encircling the perimeter of the room, with an area in the center left open for the entertainers.

Servants scurried among the tables, delivering goblets of wine and mugs of ale. Breena craned her neck, realizing only after she’d started looking that she was searching for Rhys. Commoners were not permitted in the castle, and with Dafyd’s spell hanging in the air, Rhys would have to be very careful with his magic. Still, she had no doubt that he had found a way into the castle. He was a very persistent man.

The relief she felt at not being alone in this dangerous future world was overwhelming. And yet…she could not forget their last meeting, when Rhys had rejected her love. She suspected that when she next spoke to him face to face, he would treat her like the child he believed her to be. He would be appalled at the danger she was in, and would want to yank her out of it.

If he thought he could draw her away from her purpose, he was sadly mistaken. She would not leave Tintagel before she ensured Igraine’s safety. Tomorrow’s tournament weighed heavily on her mind. She needed to speak with Gareth. Rhys could wait.

“You look very beautiful tonight, my lady.”

Startled, Breena turned. To her surprise, Dafyd’s acolyte stood not two steps away. It was the first time she’d heard the monk’s voice. It was rich and low, beautiful as his ruined face was ugly.

“Thank you,” she said. Then, “What is your name?”

“I am Brother Morfen.”

“I am pleased to meet you,” Breena said.


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