Drakon 1 - The Smoke Thief by Abe Shana

Drakon 1 - The Smoke Thief by Abe Shana

Author:Abe, Shana
Language: eng
Format: epub

Rue said, “This cannot be right.”

They peered together out the carriage window, not even opening the door.

GRAHAM'S MENAGERIE OF REMARKABLE BEASTS read the hanging wood sign that swayed over the entrance to 31 King's Court. It appeared to be little more than a skinny patch of park squeezed between thoroughfares and buildings.

“Driver,” the marquess called. “Is this the only King's Court in Chelsea?”

“Aye,” answered the man, muffled through wood. “This be it, guv.”

There were people drifting in and out of the entrance, men and women and a few shiny-​cheeked children, pulling eagerly at the hands holding theirs. A simple whitewashed stall was situated just past the sign, where a balding man in a beige greatcoat took money and handed out tickets. Beyond that, all Rue could see of the menagerie were bushes and trees swallowing up a narrow gravel path.

Something—some creature—let loose an unearthly howl that climbed and climbed into goosebumps over her skin. From the bowels of the trees a host of sparrows surged up into the sky.

Christoff rapped his knuckles against the roof. “Drive on.”

Rue turned to him, grabbing the strap by her head as the carriage hit a pothole. “What are you doing? We have to go in!”

“Breakfast was a long while ago. I don't know about you, but I am accustomed to lunch.” He leaned back in the seat, his pale eyes gleaming. “And I don't think it's a good idea to go in there hungry, do you?”


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