Heir of Amber and Fire by Rachanee Lumayno

Heir of Amber and Fire by Rachanee Lumayno

Author:Rachanee Lumayno [Lumayno, Rachanee]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: fantasy, Dragon, princess, Young Adult, YA, Fiction
Publisher: Miss Lana Press
Published: 2021-03-11T22:00:00+00:00

Chapter Twenty-Four

THE OBJECT FLEW THROUGH the air, hit the wall, and then clanged to the ground, where it shattered into several sharp pieces.

Incredulous, I eyed the item. It had formerly been a mug, and if the colors and pattern were any indication, an expensive one.

Pazho called out, “Denaan, I’ve told you not to do that when the inn is open!”

A stocky man wearing a stained apron came into the room. “No one was in here. Well, not until you came in.”

“If this is a bad time...” Beyan started.

“Nonsense, it’s a great time,” Denaan said. “When I’m frustrated, it really helps relieve the tension.”

I could tell Beyan was trying to find a judicious way to get us out of here. I started to giggle. Farrah joined in. Rhyss tried to suppress a smirk.

Pazho shook his head. “This is Denaan’s idea of testing for quality. He figures, if the dishes can be thrown around and still hold up, then they’re worthy of being used at his inn.”

“Of course,” Denaan agreed. “I don’t want to have to buy new dinnerware just because a few rowdy drunks decided to have a tussle.”

“Elk logic,” Pazho said, implying those were two words that didn’t belong together.

“Sorry about that, though,” Denaan said. “Didn’t know you were coming. If I had, I’d have asked if you wanted to join in.”

“Maybe after dinner,” I said. Farrah and Rhyss nodded in agreement. Beyan rolled his eyes.

“Don’t encourage him,” Pazho said to us. “And please forgive my neglectful manners. This is my mate, Denaan. Denaan, meet Allayne, Beyan, Farrah, and Rhyss. They’ll be staying here tonight.”

“Splendid, splendid,” Denaan said, wiping his hands on his apron and enthusiastically shaking each of our hands in turn. “There’s room enough for all of you, so you can each have a room to yourselves if you like. Any horses?” Beyan shook his head no. “That’s easy enough, then. Just go ahead and go on upstairs, you can pick out your rooms. Dinner starts in an hour.”

“I’ll see you all in an hour,” Pazho told us, turning to go.

“Wait,” I said. “You don’t have to leave. I’d be happy to stay and talk with you while we wait for dinner.”

“I’d rather you have a chance to rest,” Pazho said. “I plan on us having a long conversation later this evening. It won’t take me long to go home and come back. Denaan and I live right next door.”

With that, he left. Denaan went back into the kitchen, where we could hear him giving orders to as yet unseen staff. The rest of us trooped upstairs to pick out our rooms for the night.


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