Genesis by Charles R. Case

Genesis by Charles R. Case

Author:Charles R. Case [Case, Charles R.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Fiction, Fantasy, Science Fiction
Publisher: Case By Case Publishing
Published: 2018-04-29T23:00:00+00:00


The sun blazed bright, as they ushered the researchers that they had collected out of the derelict ship and across the open sand toward the dropship. Sara still carried Dr. Hess, but he was coming around and insisting that he could walk on his own. She put him down, and steadied him as his legs began to buckle, but he was able to catch himself before he fell.

She could see that the two researchers who had accompanied them to retrieve the core were running ahead, telling everyone to pack up and get the material on the ship. There was soon a flurry of activity as Elif men and women appeared, carrying boxes of samples and instruments. They began to fill the ship’s hold, and a few of the troopers with her peeled off to organize and strap down the crates.

The doctor still leaned on her as they stood in the sun and watched as the camp was broken down in fairly quick order.

“Let me see it, Captain,” Dr. Hess said, indicating her side pouch.

With a sigh, she opened the pouch and pulled out the core. The sun reflected off the surface, making her look away, but the doctor leaned in to examine it closer.

“Fascinating. It has no interface I can see, other than the surface itself. How does it communicate with the tank? This is a marvel,” he said, lost in thought.

Sara wanted her own answers, and this was as good a time to get them as any.

“About that tank,” she said, slipping the sphere back into the pouch.

The doctor frowned at the obvious reprimand, but looked to her. “What about it, Captain?” he said conversationally.

Hadn’t he heard Baxter’s comment about that tank being just like the one on the Raven? Maybe he was too focused on gaining access to the engine room?

She huffed a laugh at herself for assuming this researcher on a distant planet would have any idea what was happening on Earth. She assumed humans were known to exist throughout Elif culture, and the fact that the doctor had shown very little surprise at humans coming to save his band of researchers showed that he was at least familiar with them; he probably had been sent a message from the Elif fleet that they were coming.

If he has no idea that we’re currently using the tech we just saw in that thirty-thousand-year-old ship, then maybe I can get some straight answers out of him. You know… if there is an actual conspiracy of silence from the Elif High Council.

God, you’re paranoid Sara.

With a smile she pushed forward, “What was it for?”

Dr. Hess thought about how best to answer that, putting a sun browned finger to his lips as he looked up and organized his thoughts. “It is a controller’s tank, much like what we use with a controller’s chair, but much more in depth. It connected the controller to the ship all the time, not just when they were needed for warp or battle. It gave them a huge edge because the orders they were given could be enacted with unparalleled precision.


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