Enders Game 5 - Ender's Shadow by Orson Scott Card

Enders Game 5 - Ender's Shadow by Orson Scott Card

Author:Orson Scott Card [Card, Orson Scott]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Adventure, Science Fiction, Genetic Engineering, High Tech, Aliens, Brothers and Sisters, Wiggin; Ender (Fictitious Character), War Games
ISBN: 0765342405
Published: 2010-06-03T04:00:00+00:00


"You have results for me?”

"Interesting ones. Volescu was lying. Somewhat.”

"I hope you're going to be more precise than that.”

"Bean's genetic alteration was not based on a clone of Volescu. But they are related. Volescu is definitely not Bean's father. But he is almost certainly Bean's half-uncle or a double cousin. I hope Volescu has a half-brother or double first cousin, because such a man is the only possible father of the fertilized egg that Volescu altered.”

"You have a list of Volescu's relatives, I assume?”

"We didn't need any family at the trial. And Volescu's mother was not married. He uses her name.”

"So Volescu's father had another child somewhere only you don't even know his name. I thought you knew everything.”

"We know everything that we knew was worth knowing. That's a crucial distinction. We simply haven't looked for Volescu's father. He's not guilty of anything important. We can't investigate everybody.”

"Another matter. Since you know everything that you know is worth knowing, perhaps you can tell me why a certain crippled boy has been removed from the school where I placed him?”

"Oh. Him. When you suddenly stopped touting him, we got suspicious. So we checked him out. Tested him. He's no Bean, but he definitely belongs here.”

"And it never crossed your mind that I had good reason for keeping him out of Battle School?”

"We assumed that you thought that we might choose Achilles over Bean, who was, after all, far too young, so you offered only your favorite.”

"You assumed. I've been dealing with you as if you were intelligent, and you've been dealing with me as if I were an idiot. Now I see it should have been the exact reverse.”

"I didn't know Christians got so angry.”

"Is Achilles already in Battle School?”

"He's still recovering from his fourth surgery. We had to fix the leg on Earth.”

"Let me give you a word of advice. Do not put him in Battle School while Bean is still there.”

"Bean is only six. He's still too young to enter Battle School, let alone graduate.”

"If you put Achilles in, take Bean out. Period.”


"If you're too stupid to believe me after all my other judgments turned out to be correct, why should I give you the ammunition to let you second-guess me? Let me just say that putting them in school together is a probable death sentence for one of them.”

"Which one?”

"That rather depends on which one sees the other first.”

"Achilles says he owes everything to Bean. He loves Bean.”

"Then by all means, believe him and not me. But don't send the body of the loser back to me to deal with. You bury your own mistakes.”

"That sounds pretty heartless.”

"I'm not going to weep over the grave of either boy. I tried to save both their lives. You apparently seem determined to let them find out which is fittest in the best Darwinian fashion.”

"Calm down, Sister Carlotta. We'll consider what you've told us. We won't be foolish.”

"You've already been foolish. I have no high expectations for you now.”


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