Designing Digital Work by Stefan Oppl & Christian Stary

Designing Digital Work by Stefan Oppl & Christian Stary

Author:Stefan Oppl & Christian Stary
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9783030122591
Publisher: Springer International Publishing

5.1.5 Example

Applying scaffolding to CoMPArE/WP leads to observable effects caused by how the facilitators guided model representation and alignment. Figure 5.4 shows a model layout template used as a strategic scaffold for model representation for consolidation. The three photos in Fig. 5.4 illustrate the different results of consolidation. On the representation level, the aim is to resemble the layout indicated in the template (blue elements on top, red elements aligned below in lanes, yellow elements placed between lanes). On the alignment level, participants themselves should discover problems in the depicted process (e.g., non-matching communication expectations) and resolve them.

Fig. 5.4Top left: model layout template; top right and bottom: modeling results of workshops


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