Applied Empathy by Michael Ventura

Applied Empathy by Michael Ventura

Author:Michael Ventura
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Touchstone

A Bigger World

Empathy with the end user is important—and is perhaps the most important thing for meeting consumer demand. But it’s not the only thing. Empathy extends beyond the one-to-one interactions we have. We also must consider the one-to-many inputs that empathy helps us to capture.

Do we truly know what’s happening in the broader ecosystem? Do we know what our competitors are thinking or doing differently? Are we current with important trends and behaviors the world around us cares about? Staying with the auto industry for another example, the nimble, insight-led company Tesla has capitalized on its understanding of the whole ecosystem to become one of the highest-market-cap automotive brands in the world with only a fraction of the total sales of its next biggest competitors.

It didn’t make and sell more cars than the next guy. Tesla became a success by seeing a world that is bigger than car sales and leases. It sees itself as a mobility company that is helping to write the future of the industry. Everyone from consumers to financial analysts understands that that’s what it’s doing, and it has been rewarded commensurately.

Having a sense of the ecosystem within which our business operates is sure to broaden our perspective and ultimately help its leaders create solutions that stand up to the shifting tides, building more resilient and empathic solutions that meet the needs of those we are trying to connect with more fully.


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