Dangerous Sanctuary by Dangerous Sanctuary

Dangerous Sanctuary by Dangerous Sanctuary

Author:Dangerous Sanctuary [Sanctuary, Dangerous]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 0101-01-01T00:00:00+00:00


Margaret Haines phoned on Thursday evening. Tom was out, and when Jaime picked

up the phone she had already steeled herself to speak to Ben. It was three days since

that incident in the kitchen, and she was sure it wouldn't be another week before they

heard from him again.

However, she was pleasantly surprised to hear Felix's ex-wife's voice—even if her

thoughts immediately jumped to his present wife's condition. She should have phoned

Maggie, and let her know, she thought unhappily. She deserved to know, and no one

else was likely to tell her.

'Long time, no see,' Maggie remarked, after the initial greetings were over. 'How are

you, Jaime? How's Tom?'

'Oh, we're OK.' Jaime responded quickly, wondering if Maggie had learned that Ben

Russell was living in Kingsmere now. Like Felix, she knew that Jaime had been married

to Philip Russell at one time, and, also like Felix, she had been told the tale that Tom

was not Jaime's ex-husband's son. 'Tom's looking forward to the holidays, of course. Just

another few weeks, and then he'll consider himself a fifth former.'

'A fifth former! Really?' Maggie made a sound of amazement. 'It doesn't seem any

time since he was starting infant school.'

'I know.' Jaime laughed. 'But, believe me, it feels like it.'

'Why? Tom's not a problem, is he?' Maggie was concerned. 'He always seems such a

nice boy. Unlike some of the tearaways I see walking along Gloucester Road.'

'Oh—well, he is. A nice boy, I mean.' Jaime had to choose her words with care.

Although she was sure Maggie would be sympathetic, she was loath to discuss her

present difficulties with anyone. It was foolish, she knew, but talking about it would

only magnify the problem.

'So, it's just old age creeping on, is it?' Maggie teased her gently. 'It's a pity you've

never let another man into your life. I've always thought you were an ideal mother.'

Jaime's lips twisted. 'Thank you.'

'No, I mean it.' Maggie sounded sincere. She paused, and then added cautiously,

'Don't you ever hear from Tom's father? I mean, he can't have been such a bad guy.

Tom's far too nice for that.'

Jaime's fingers tightened round the receiver. She had to remember that, as far as

Maggie was concerned, Tom's father was the reason she had broken up with Philip. Oh,

what a tangled web I've woven, she thought ruefully. But before Ben's reappearance she

had been managing more than adequately.

'No,' she lied now, crossing her fingers as she did so. 'No, I've no idea where he is. In

any case, I'm quite happy as things are. As you say, I'm too old to start again.'

'That isn't what I said, and you know it,' Maggie retorted drily. 'These days women

are having their first babies when they're older than you are. It's becoming quite the

fashion—waiting until they're in their thirties to start a family.'

It was the ideal opening, and, deciding anything was better than talking about her

own life, Jaime took it. 'I—' she began. It wasn't easy but it had to be said. 'I—did you

know that—that Lacey—?'

'Is having a baby?' Maggie finished for her, and Jaime's breath escaped on a sigh.

'Yes, I know, my dear.


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