Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

Author:Rainbow Rowell
Language: eng
Format: epub, mobi
ISBN: 9781466850545
Publisher: St. Martin's Press



Agatha wants to talk to me after our Magic Words lesson.

She hasn’t said a word to me since we broke up—she hardly even looks at me—so when she approaches me now, my initial response is to look at the floor and try to walk around her. She has to grab my sleeve to get my attention, which is awkward for both of us.

“Simon,” she says. “Could I talk to you?”

She looks so nervous; she’s biting her bottom lip. I have to admit, my first thought is that Agatha misses me. That she wants to get back together.

I’ll say yes, of course. I won’t even make her ask. We can go right back to how we were. Maybe I’ll even tell her what’s going on with Baz—maybe she can help.

Then I think about Agatha being in the close quarters of our room, close enough that Baz can smell her pulse—and decide that I won’t tell her about everything, not right away.

But I will take her back.

This has all been such shit. Ignoring each other. Sitting apart. Acting like enemies when all we’ve ever been is friends.

I’ll take her back. Just in time for Christmas.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Christmas lately. I always spend it with the Wellbeloves. I have since I first came to Watford.

I think at first it must have been a philanthropic thing for her dad, Dr. Wellbelove. That’s exactly the sort of thing he’d do—open the house up on Christmas to orphans.

It’s how Agatha and I got to be friends. I’m not sure she ever would have talked to me if she hadn’t been trapped with me in her house every year for two weeks.

It’s not that Agatha’s stuck up—

Well … She is a bit stuck up. I think she likes being prettier than everyone else and having better clothes and being luckier.

I can’t blame her for that.

But also, she’s just not that social. Especially at school. She used to be really involved in dance, before Watford, and she’s still all caught up in horses, and I think she’s closer to her summer Normal friends than anybody here.

Agatha’s not like Penny. She doesn’t naturally care about magickal politics. And she’s not like me, she doesn’t have to care.

I don’t think Agatha cares that much about magic, full stop. The last time we talked about the future, she was thinking about becoming a veterinarian.

Dr. Wellbelove is all about Normal–magickal equality, and how it doesn’t serve mages to think of ourselves as better than Normals. (“I get what Welby’s saying,” Penelope’s mum will say, “but we can do everything the Normals can do, plus magic. How is that not better?”)

Her dad’s never pressured Agatha to choose a magickal career. I think she could probably even date a Normal, if she wanted. (Her mum might mind that; Normals aren’t allowed at the club.)

Anyway, I love being at the Wellbeloves, so long as they’re not throwing a posh dinner or dragging me through event season. Everything in their house is brand new and top of the line.


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