California Dreamin' 02 - Desiring His Dating Coach by Canary Kristin

California Dreamin' 02 - Desiring His Dating Coach by Canary Kristin

Author:Canary, Kristin [Canary, Kristin]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Comedy, Young Adult
Publisher: Dreaming of You Press
Published: 2021-09-12T16:00:00+00:00

Chapter 11

My date with Shane can’t come soon enough.

Because I just lived through the most awkward week of my life working at Java Awakening with Josh. He did eventually ask if we were okay and apologized if our “role-playing” got out of hand. See? He even used the term I originally did when describing what a dating coach does. To him, that’s all it was. Pretending. So of course I said we were fine and that I thought he was ready to ask Hannah out on a date.

He said he wasn’t sure. He felt like he could benefit from at least one more coaching session—whenever I could fit him into my schedule.

So far, I haven’t been able to.

Though, I admit, I haven’t exactly tried.

But tonight—tonight will help. I’m going out with an attractive man. I’m going to have drinks with him. I’m going to have fun with him.

And, if at the end of the night, he’s not too big of a jerk, I’m going to kiss him.

Because I’ve gotta scrub that memory of kissing Josh right outta my stupid brain.

It’s a brilliant plan.

Then why do I feel sick to my stomach as I pull open the door to find Shane on my porch? He’s even handsomer than I remember, this time dressed in a crisp suit, and his cologne smells like patchouli—sweet and spicy and heady.

In a word? He’s perfect.

Exactly what I need.

Shane whistles. “Hey there, gorgeous.”

I do in fact feel gorgeous in my deep purple cocktail dress with its off-the-shoulder straps and sweetheart neckline, so I laugh and let him kiss my cheek. “You’re not looking so bad yourself.”

He offers me his arm. “You ready?”

“Yep.” I grab my clutch and call goodbye to Alexis, the only one of my housemates who is home from work yet, and we head to Shane’s car, a black Corvette. “I like your ride.”

“Thanks. Tina has seen me through a lot in the last year.”

What is it with guys naming their cars? We both duck inside and he starts the engine, which purrs like a tabby with catnip. Shane strokes the dashboard. “That’s right, baby. Good girl.”

“Should I leave you and Tina to this date by yourselves?” I tease.

“No way. She doesn’t mind being the third wheel. And the fourth, fifth, and sixth as well.”

Groaning, I push on his upper arm. “You didn’t just say that.”

He snags my hand and secures it against his thigh as he grins at me. “Oh, but I did.”

With a wink, he takes off down the driveway, both of us laughing, and heads out of Point Loma toward downtown. My hand feels nice in his and there’s a bit of the familiar tingle. The possibility of something new, something exciting.

And definitely something distracting.

As we drive, we chat about our jobs and hobbies. He’s a hedge fund manager for a nationwide investment banking firm, and while he does enjoy Cross Fit, he’s also into brewing beer, Frisbee Golf, and traveling to lots of foreign countries.

Other than the last one, which


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