Birthright by L. Fergus

Birthright by L. Fergus

Author:L. Fergus [Fergus, L.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Article94
Published: 2019-09-17T06:00:00+00:00

Kita navigated the sewers using the flashlight, but she couldn’t stop dwelling on her parents. They can’t be dead. They’ll survive somehow. I can come back with the Legion and rescue them. The logical part of her mind shattered the lies she told herself. Her father and mother would most certainly be dead before she exited the sewers. Unable to keep the tears from her eyes, she stopped.

“Kita, we need to go,” Zidin urged in a neutral tone.

“You need to collect yourself,” ordered Angus. “We’ll have time to mourn the dead later. Right now, we must put our emotions aside if we’re going to get out of here alive.”

“Just give me a minute,” Kita pleaded.

“We don’t have a minute,” said Angus assertively. “Cunningham’s men could come through that grate at any time.”

“I can’t.”

“You must,” Zidin said, sounding annoyed. “You’re the only one who can get us out of here.”

Kita’s eyes flashed with rage. “Give me a minute,” she demanded, “or there will be one less of us getting out of this hole.”

Zidin raised his hands and backed off mumbling something about hurrying up.

Kita’s flash of rage displaced her fear and sorrow. Like a window frosting over, her mind crystallized and put her emotions into place. She didn’t feel grief, she never had. It was uncertainty behind her tears. Everything she’d told herself to this point was a lie. She would never come back, even if her family did survive. Her only way forward was with the Legion. It would be a new family for her. She had Angus, and he wouldn’t let anything happen to her. I hope.

She wiped the tears from her face and took a deep breath. She’d quashed the uncertainty, but not the rage. “Alright. I’m ready.”

Kita led them through the sewers. A soft luminescent glow came from the lichen growing on the brick. After several turns, she came to a dead end. The ditch sloped up to meet the paths and form a landing. Kita went to the unfinished brick wall at the far end of the tunnel.

“Kita, are you sure this is the right place?” said Zidin.

Kita walked onto the ramp leading to the ditch. She knelt and pressed several bricks with no effect. She pressed another. There was a loud bang, and Kita and Sarge fell into the darkness.


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