Asimov, Isaac - Foundation Series 24 Foundations Edge by Asimov Isaac

Asimov, Isaac - Foundation Series 24 Foundations Edge by Asimov Isaac

Author:Asimov, Isaac
Language: eng
Format: epub

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Comporellon that she wants us. Right?"

Compor's face paled. He rose to his feet and almost stuttered in his effort to control his voice. "I've tried to explain. I've tried to be helpful. I shouldn't have tried. You can drop yourself into a black hole, Trevize."

He turned on his heel and walked away briskly without looking back.

Pelorat seemed a bit stunned. "That was rather tactless of you, Golan, old fellow. I could have gotten more out of him."

"No, you couldn't," said Trevize gravely. "You could not have gotten one thing out of him that he was not ready to let you have. Janov, you don't know what he is -Until today, I didn't know what he is."



Pelorat hesitated to disturb Trevize. Trevize sat motionless in his chair, deep in thought.

Finally Pelorat said, "Are we just sitting here all night, Golan?"

Trevize started. "No, you're quite right. We'll be better off with people around us. Come!"

Pelorat rose. He said, "There won't be people around us. Compor said this was some sort of meditation day."

"Is that what he said? Was there traffic when we came along the road in our ground-car?"

"Yes, some."

"Quite a bit, I thought. And then, when we entered the city, was it empty?"

"Not particularly. - Still, you've got to admit that this place has been empty."

"Yes, it has. I noticed that particularly. - But come, Janov, I'm hungry.

There's got to be someplace to eat and we can afford to find something good.

At any rate, we can find a place in which we can try some interesting Sayshellian novelty or, if we lose our nerve, good standard Galactic fare. -

Come, once we're safely surrounded, I'll tell you what I think really happened here."



Trevize leaned back with a pleasant feeling of renewal. The restaurant was not expensive by Terminus standards, but it was certainly novel. It was heated, in part, by an open fire over which food was prepared. Meat tended to be served in bite-sized portions-in a variety of pungent sauces-which were picked up by fingers that were protected from grease and heat by smooth, green leaves that were cold, damp, and had a vaguely minty taste.

It was one leaf to each meat-bit and the whole was taken into the mouth. The waiter had carefully explained how it had to be done. Apparently accustomed to off-planet guests, he had smiled paternally as Trevize and Pelorat gingerly scooped at the steaming bits of meat, and was clearly delighted at the foreigners' relief at finding that the leaves kept the fingers cool and cooled the meat, too, as one chewed.

Trevize said, "Delicious!" and eventually ordered a second helping. So did Pelorat.

They sat over a spongy, vaguely sweet dessert and a cup of coffee that had a caramelized flavor at which they shook dubious heads. They added syrup, at which the waiter shook his head.

Pelorat said, "Well, what happened back there at the tourist center?"

"You mean with Compor?"

"Was there anything else there we might discuss?"

Trevize looked about. They were in a


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