Art of Wine Making Business Startup : How to Start a Million Dollar Success from Home by Alberto Ricci

Art of Wine Making Business Startup : How to Start a Million Dollar Success from Home by Alberto Ricci

Author:Alberto Ricci [Ricci, Alberto]
Language: eng
Format: azw3, epub
Publisher: Valley of Joy Publishing Press
Published: 2020-06-19T16:00:00+00:00

The problem with so many grape juices is that they are augmented with excess sugars and compounds. These include additives that go beyond ascorbic acid or vitamin C, the only compound that your grapes should have.

These additions often come about regardless of the type of juice you order. Just because one company says that it offers 100-percent pure grape juice doesn’t mean it consists of nothing but the juices that come out of grapes. Some additives might have been included in the mix just to preserve the grape juice or to add a bit of flavor to it. Such items would only compromise the quality of the wine you would try to produce.

Many fruit juices are packaged in a series of plastic bottles. The plastic compounds in those bottles might be an issue. They could shed off and get into your juice over time. This only keeps the juice from being pure.

Also, the added sugars that come with grape juices could overwhelm the final product. A greater amount of sugar produces a higher amount of alcoholic content within your wine, thus making it dangerous. Sticking with the natural sugars that come with actual grapes is always worthwhile.

I am not saying that you should avoid using grape juices or other fruit juices. You have the right to use these when trying to make wine for the first time. Just don’t expect the results to be anywhere near as great as what you would get out of actual grapes in the wine making process.


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